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Ethical and practical attitudes, without damaging the environment.

Sustainability and the environment are very important to all Di Hellen Cosmetics procedures. Treatment of residues, usage of solar panels, ecologically correct destinations for fluorescents lamps and for all mud generated through the treatment of residues are examples of care taken with the reduction of environmental impacts that can be caused during the production of the products. Furthermore, Di Hellen invests in products with biodegradable formula and makes available the purchase of economic refills for clients, providing a reduction in the quantity of packages discarded in the environment.

Treatment of residues
As an environmental measure, we correctly allocate all residues generated in Di Hellen for a contracted company that reuses it as a raw material for the manufacture of other products. With this conscientious process, we avoid an unnecessary expenditure of money with energy and raw materials.

Solar panels
The company has a system with 24 solar panels of 2 meters X 1 meter, located on the roof, where we take advantage of the most sun through solar beams. This energy is used in the production of all products that need hot water, reducing costs with electric energy.

From raw materials to packages
Di Hellen thinks on the environment from the product’s manufacture up to its discard. As an example, we can mention the collection of liquid soaps, which have biodegradable formulas and have been developed with natural raw materials, from renewable and biodegradable sources. In this same collection of products, Di Hellen offers the customer the option of using its economic refills, of 400 ml, 1L and 2L, reducing the quantity of packages discarded in the environment.

We don't test our products on animals
We believe that there are other ways to prove the appeals of a product than to use defenseless animals, these tests being cruel and obsolete and don’t provide reliable results.

Research technology has been evolving, much in recent years, and this has made laboratory testing evolve in a way that we no longer need to use these means to prove appeals.

We did not perform appeal of proving tests in any animal and all our business partners (suppliers, subcontractors, laboratories) think the same as us, and using human volunteers and / or in vitro tests to prove the same.

None of our products, cosmetic and makeup is tested on animals, only for layout reasons, labeling size and also for packaging modernization, some of which have this information and others don’t.

We believe that the sum of efforts of individuals and corporations is the only way to build a better world!